Pastiche Band - Frequently Asked Questions

Pastiche Band
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Pastiche Band - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What style of music do Pastiche Band play?

    Pastiche Band like to be versatile. We tailor the line up of the band to suit the occasion and the music required. Pastiche Band play the following styles:


    • Well known, cover songs for dancing from the '60s to today

    • Ceilidh, Barn Dance, Irish Folk songs. Pastiche can play a whole evening of ceilidh (with an experienced caller), or one or two sets, as required

    • Jazz - a selection of jazz songs from the Great American Songbook, Latin tunes and Ballroom Dance songs and popular instrumental

  • How far will you travel?

    Pastiche Band are happy to travel across the UK and worldwide.

  • Where can we hear your music?

    Check out some of the tracks on our 'Repertoire' page.

  • What does it cost to hire a live band?

    Our pricing is based on Musician's Union rates and is a per man/per hour arrangement.


    To hire the five-piece, live band with a set up no earlier than 5pm and a midnight finish in the vicinity of London, the cost is £1375. An earlier set up or later finish affect the price.


    The price includes all of the band equipment necessary for your wedding, party, jazz evening or corporate event.


    If you have a charity or other special event or a small, more intimate gathering please contact us and we can discuss what is possible for your budget.


    Pricing is according to size of the band you want to hire, venue size, distance of travel, set-up and finish times and so on, which is why we price each unique event separately. Please contact us for an exact quote.

  • How long do the band play for?

    Pastiche Band can play for as long or short as you would like. Typically we play three sets of around 50 mins each (or two sets of an hour) however we are more than happy to arrange this to suit your requirements. We will make sure there is a CD playing during any short breaks we take. If you prefer to bring your own iPod playlist, or CDs, just let us know in advance.

  • Do the band need a stage?

    It’s great if the band performs on a stage as it creates an obvious dancefloor and performance ambience – but not at all necessary. Pastiche Band play lots of events without a stage.

  • How much space do the band need?

    Less than you think! Around 5m x 4m for the 5-piece band is fine. However we are practised at fitting into unusual spaces and can also play outside (but will need to be undercover in case of rain).

  • How long do the band need to set up?

    The band would usually take an hour to set up, but we arrive with plenty of time to be ‘out of the way’ before your guests arrive. If, as sometimes happens, we will be playing in the same space needed for dinner tables, set up can be done in as little as half an hour as tables are shifted before the dancing begins.

  • Do the band use backing tracks?

    No, we are a completely live band and do not use backing tracks.

  • Does the band have any personal requirements?

    We will need a room to change in and refreshment soft drinks. Our musicians may have travelled some distance to your event so they will also require a hot meal. This can be discussed when you contact us.

  • How loudly do you play?

    The band can play as loudly or quietly as you like! Pastiche has played at many events of differing sizes, and can adjust the volume to the size of the venue and number of people. If your venue has a sound limiter please let us know so we can tailor our volume accordingly.

  • What technical requirements do the band have?

    A safe and properly earthed supply of electricity should be provided by the venue. 2 separate 13 amp or 1x30 amp 240 volt mains supply is required. This should terminate on stage in 13 amp sockets. These supplies must be totally independent of each other (ie. not drawn from 1x13 amp source via a mains extension). . Except if we are putting in lighting, in which case - If the total power required exceeds the venue ring main (usually 32 amps) access to either a 32 or 63 amp three phase (TPNE) supply will be required.

  • Is Pastiche Band insured and safety tested?

    Yes, Pastiche Band holds full public liability insurance and equipment is ‘PAT’ safety tested.

  • Can we use the band PA system for speeches or music?

    Yes, as long as you are using it after our set up and sound check then the PA can be used for speeches/music.

  • Can I come and see you play?

    Most of our bookings are for private events, weddings and private parties so this can be difficult. That is why we have put some live videos on the website. Occasionally our clients are happy for you to stand near the back of the room and watch so this is something we are happy to discuss.

  • Have Pastiche Band ever had to cancel?

    No. If one of the band is taken ill, we have plenty of backup musicians and singers available.

  • How do I book the band?

    Please contact us to discuss further details, we can then give you a quote and will send you a booking contract to confirm the booking. To make a booking please either use our 'Booking Form', email or phone 07759 679 963

For any other questions about Pastiche Band (nothing is too silly to ask!) please contact us – we’d be delighted to give you an answer!
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