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Ceilidh Band

A ceilidh dance with a live band is the perfect entertainment for a wedding celebration or a party, and is guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor. Pastiche Band can provide one or two sets of Ceilidh music followed by one or two sets of covers.

The term Ceilidh (pronounced Kaylee) is Celtic for ‘party’ or ‘gathering'. A ceilidh is a fun, folk dance at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music, singing and dancing. There's no better way to break the ice and get your party started!

Each Ceildh dance comprises a pattern of moves (called 'figures') which are taught by our caller.

Everyone can join in the Ceilidh dances; even complete beginners have fun while our professional Ceilidh Caller will guide you through the steps to each dance. We start slowly and rev up the tempo as you master the steps!

Our Ceilidh band can be:

  • A trio - Female Vocal/caller, Guitar/male vocal, Fiddle
  • A four piece band - Female Vocal/caller, Guitar/male vocal, Fiddle/Bass, Keyboards
  • A five piece band - Female Vocal/caller, Guitar/male vocal, Fiddle/Bass, Keyboards, Drums
  • A six  piece band - Female Vocal/caller, Guitar/male vocal, Fiddle, Keyboards, Upright Bass, Drums

Pastiche Ceilidh Band have played at a great number of weddings, and have also played ceilidh dances for charity fundraisers, school parties and corporate functions. See our testimonials..

We have also played Irish songs on St Patrick’s Day at The Oval Cricket Stadium, and Maxim’s Casino Club and various West End venues.

Pastiche Band play, and teach well known Ceilidh dances such as Circassian Circle, Dashing White Sergeant, Gay Gordons and Strip the Willow.

Check out a video from one of our Ceilidh evenings!

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